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CGD is officially one-year-old! It’s been a hell of a year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your feedback and support! We’re so grateful, so we wanted to say thanks by running a giveaway every week for a month!

This week’s prize is a highly sought after ‘Babe You Got This’ career girl mug. These mugs are our reminder to you that we’ve got your back. Career Girls need to stick together and make it happen! 

This giveaway runs from January 31st to February 7th.

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  • Frankie goes to…

    Need that mug!

  • Susan

    What’s the history behind CGD? How did it get started?

  • Emma Peacock

    Such a cute mug love it :)

  • Abby

    What is your favourite thing to write about?:)

  • Lavina

    Could you tell us about how some of your authors started writing?

  • LannyIsaza

    how do you find the motivation to write on those days when you don’t feel very well?

  • Kelsey

    What’s your best advice for balancing long work days and dating?

  • Eva EthnicQueen

    How to create a good at home blogging career full time and manage home and relationship responsibility?

  • Raylene Debattista

    How do you manage to keep in contact with such a large team of women?

  • Dana c

    What would the best advice be for young working mothers? Thanks!!

  • Laura

    I would really like to hear your career-history! :)

  • Cortney O’Connor

    I’d love a post about how to get out of a career rut. I’m in my fourth year of my career and am feeling less motivated and excited than my first and second year into my career. My career is a high school counselor, and I work independently in my building, so I don’t have another counselor to collaborate with which has it’s pros and cons. It can also be difficult thinking of new ideas and improvements independently. What are some tips to keep our careers fresh and fun?

  • Sophie Hurry

    What are your top tips to benefit towards your future career whilst you’re still an university? :)

  • Sara

    What do you do when you are a young manager with an older team?

  • India

    Hey CGD, I’d love to hear tips on working remotely while travelling! xoxo

  • Kia

    Yes, I’d like to have one :)

  • Stefani

    Would love to hear where/how you find your motivation!

  • The Blondette

    What would you advise young women with an academic degree, who cannot seem to gain a foothold in the industry but also cannot afford to serve an unpaid internship to do so?

  • Meg

    What’s the best kind of work experience for a student to do during the holidays that will boost her cv and gain valuable experience in the industry? X

  • Nora Jones

    Either how to gain experience in your chosen field of study even after you have completed undergrad? Or How to budget if you want to obtain a Master’s degree at a school in a different state.

  • JesseBlue

    Happy Anniversary! Good articles!.

  • faith

    How to get out of my comfort zone? (New job)Taking that step

  • S Geo

    What kind of blogs do you follow?

  • Ophia

    What is the most important thing that keep you going in the daily basis ?

  • Gabriella Strano

    Hey there, this is one of my favourite blogs to read and is so inspirational and full of great, practical tips. I have 3 questions I would love you to answer: 1. How did you grow your blog so much so quickly? {my blog turns one next month but all my followers, likers and subscriber numbers are still really low} Did you pay a lot in Facebook Ad’s, Google AdWords etc to get your blog “out there?” and finally, 3. How do you make sure your blog is seen? I feel like I’m writing great content and Lhave a good website but people don’t know about me or aren’t seeing me.
    Would really, really L O V E to win that mug!!!

    Thanks, and please keep doing what you’re doing. xx

  • Shelley

    I love this blog. I’d like you to answer: coping with jobs in which you’re at your peak at a young age. I’m 26 and a teacher and get an automatic raise every year and i feel lik there’s no where else to go unless i want to do admin jobs.

  • Char D.

    Hey, I love your website so much! My question is: how to combine school and work? I study 80% of my time, I also make volunteer but I don’t find time to work and I really need money :(

  • Sophie Hurry

    Love this site, it helps my motivation every day! My question is what are the best tasks and activities to achieve towards your career whilst still in university?

  • Eliska S.

    Hej! I would like to hear about your morning routine :-).

  • Sophia

    Hi! :) What’s your daily routine like? From that morning coffee to the book you read before going to bed. Love CGD :D

  • Margaret White

    Did I win!!

  • Emel Idriz

    I absolutely love your tips! I find them very useful and actually alseays learn something new! Love that you have bits of everything: beauty,fashion,career,education and topics typical for nowadays generation. Keep going! My daily routine is reading you. Xoxo Em

  • SallyDon1987

    I would love to hear about ideas for after work activities that don’t break the bank? Thanks!

  • Katerina

    Check, check, check and a question: How do you deal with FOMO (supposing you ever get feel it)?

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