Winnie Harlow: How Accepting Yourself Will Make You Invincible

When I first saw supermodel Winnie Harlow I just thought: ‘wow’. This beautiful and brave girl is the best example of confidence and girl power I have ever seen. The Canadian model was featured on America’s Next Top Model and came sixth. The courage to attend a talent show where you are constantly being judged is a huge step, not to mention that Winnie suffers from a chronic skin condition: vitiligo. She is truly amazing, here are some of the things we can learn from her!

#1 Everything is possible

Joining a reality show at the age of twenty can be very hard, people are very judgemental and everyone has an opinion about you. But that never stopped Winnie from chasing her dreams. She joined ANTM anyway and people accepted her for who she was. A beautiful young girl with a mission. The lesson here is: even when you might think you don’t belong somewhere, at first, you’ll find you belong anywhere as long as you’re persistent!

#2 The importance of confidence

Earlier I wrote an article on why it is important to always believe in yourself. Winnie is the perfect example of self-confidence. She is so unique and she never let her skin condition got in the way of what she wanted most: a modelling career! It even became her trademark. So note to self: accept your flaws and own them.

Winnie Harlow for Desigual

#3 Nothing to be ashamed about

With campaigns for Desigual and Diesel and several features in Cosmopolitan and Vogue, Winnie Harlow is going strong. She also brought attention to the subject and became a role model not only for people with skin conditions similar to vitiligo but also for young girls who are dealing with insecurities. Like she says: ‘It’s a skin condition, not a life changer’.

#4 Work hard

Another great lesson we learn from almost every top model is that working hard really pays off. This gorgeous twenty-something fought hard for her position at the top, just like you, me and any business woman. So remember if you really want something, you have to work your butt off. But no worries, In the end, it is all worth it!

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By Shelley Beekman

  1. What a beautiful, inspiring piece (and woman). Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. xxx

  2. Exactly what I needed! Winnie Harlow is the one to look up to when it comes to self esteem and self acceptance. She’s such a great role model and she definitely deserve her spot and more in the fashion industry.

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