5 Hair Colors You Need To Try In 2018



If there’s one thing we girls are obsessed with it’s our hair. Everything else can go wrong, but when it’s your hairdo then you know it’s not going to be a good day. I get you! We want perfect hair without the effort, but did you know picking the right color can actually make this easier? Picking the right tones can take your hair from drab to fab. And seeing as the New Year is fast approaching there’s no better time than to reinvent yourself with a new hair color. So, check out our favorites that will be big ones for next year:


1. Balayage Highlights


Yes, they’re back! And they’re going to be just as popular next year as they were this year. Long gone are the days where we just stick to one-toned hair. Instead, we know that natural, beautiful hair is mixed with a combination of different colors. If you’re a hazel brunette this color will be perfect for you to pull off and give your hair the boost it needs.


2. The natural blonde


If you were born blonde, you will know that the only color that suits you will be blonde. So, you can’t exactly be creative with your hair colors. But you can be creative with the blonde tones you work with. Bleach blonde hair is out and it’s all about warm tones rather than the Elsa icy hair. Make your blonde hair look more natural with a lot of different colors and tones running through it – so even if you’re deciding to go blonde, then this will make it look the most natural!


3. Pumpkin spice hair


Red hair is a popular color that never goes out style. It’s become one of the most desired hair colors as everyone tries to pull of the natural, copper tones of a redhead. But, you don’t have to be born with it to pull it off. Try out this color that is a mix of a lot of light and darker red tones. Auburn is the color and its one that’s the most desired!


4. Chestnut touches


Ok, so if you have really dark hair you want options to change your one tone colored look into a more vibrant, fun finish. And it can be quite difficult to do as mixing colors with your dark hair can either go really well or really bad. Blend in up to three shades lighter than your actual color to create a finish that gives your hair some life and warmth.


5. Warm caramel highlights


For light brunettes, this is a very popular hairstyle because it’s easy, stylish and trendy. But rather than blending all of these tones throughout the hair you want to do a dip-dye effect with these warmer tones towards the bottom of your hair. And whilst many people think they should dye their darker in their winter, they’re wrong. As our complexions get lighter so should our hair, which will keep you from getting too pale. Mix caramel highlights with this and you’re a winner!


Which hair color are you going to try?



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