5 Things You Need To Do To Get Perfect Skin This Winter



Winter is fast arriving and bringing with it icy cold winds, misty mornings and frosty showers. It’s time to change the wardrobe and put the cute blouses and skirts away to make room for the big woolly jumpers and scarves.

Not only does your wardrobe need to change, so does your skincare. Yes! Adjusting your skincare to the season is important. Different weather conditions can affect your skin in more ways than one. So here are the adjustments I am making to my routine and you can too:


Step one: Grab a water cream

Tatcha The Water Cream available here

The cold air constantly blowing against your skin can cause your face to become red and sensitive. Leaving your skin feeling dry, flaky and even dull looking. We’ve all been there, but sticking to your favorite moisturizer might be a bad idea if you want to get flawless (and hydrated) skin this season. My absolute favorite is the Tatcha Water Cream, I don’t use this every day but when the air gets bitterly cold and I feel my skin looking dry, pale, and dull, I know it’s time for my Tatcha remedy.

All I do is smother my face with this cream every evening, this cream will bring your skin back to life if it’s been feeling the brunt of winter so far. Buy it here.

Step two: Start using a skincare device

FOREO LUNA 2 available here

Exfoliation is an essential part of any routine. But during winter we tend to neglect it a little bit more as our faces become more sensitive. And that’s ok! You have to be careful with harsh exfoliators which can make things much more worse! So, instead when you’re cleansing make sure to use a gentle exfoliator that will do the job and look after your skin whilst you’re doing it. And I cannot stress enough how good the Luna 2 is, I’ve even forced my friend to buy one. Buy it here.


Step three: Increase your oxygen levels 


If you’ve noticed that kind of dull, chalky look to your skin that marks the beginning of winter. The best thing to do is to be more active, that will increase the look and quality of your skin. So for example, go for a walk every day or do some light jogging. It’ll make you sweat and flush your cheeks a bit, but also, it’ll increase the blood and oxygen going to the surface of your skin and give you the kind of glowing look you only get in summer.


Step four: Give yourself an intense facial treatment while you sleep 


Juno oil available here.


What you can do, if you think your skin is beyond saving, is use an overnight treatment. Juno oil by Sunday Riley is a best-seller for a reason. It’s a restoring yet gentle face oil you can use overnight, meaning that by the time you wake up – your skin will be healthy, hydrated, and issues like dryness, dullness, and breakouts, will be diminished! I seriously love this oil, and if you combine it with the back of your FOREO Luna 2 device, you can give yourself a seriously luxurious massage that’ll boost blood cells and give you a lovely glow. Buy it here.




Will you be adjusting your skincare routine this winter? Let us know what you think!


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  1. Hi! Not a skincare expert here, but being from a cold country i have learned that when it is cold (below 0 degrees celsius) a water based face cream is exactly what you do not need! Even when I was in school and we went on trips to Norway and Greenland in winter our teachers told us NOT to bring water based creams, as it would literally freeze the skin on our face.

  2. oh my! it might also depend on the humidity levels of the location and what time of day you apply it. in the article, she said to put it on in the evening to help repair damage done from the cold during the day, so hopefully it’s warm enough in your bathroom or in your hands that it doesn’t freeze your skin.

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