The One Thing Every Woman Needs To Stop Believing


I am smart. There I said it. I can figure my way around any problem quite quickly and pick up new skills at the drop of the hat. I’ve always been smart, I’m just not mathematically gifted and can overcomplicate things with my big ol’ brain sometimes, but I’m smart. I have a degree. I’ve been helping to build up a business for the past few years. And I don’t believe that women are too smart to date. Ever.

I couldn’t help but notice the smattering of articles around about smart women finding it difficult to date these past few weeks. At first, I read them with interest, is there really such a thing as too smart to date? And then I realized I was kind of offended.

How to date as a woman…

To be eligible to date you need to make sure you’re pretty but not too pretty, thin but not too thin, funny but not too funny (just laugh at his jokes a lot) and now smart but not too smart.

According to the news, women feel as though they can’t date because they’re too smart. Maybe the type of men they’ve been trying to date have been intimidated by their intelligence. I am not ruling anything out these days, but it does sound pretty bad for mankind everywhere.

Are guys threatened by the fact their girlfriends are smarter than them? 

Society is always trying to put women in boxes. Even as women, we judge others and try to fit them in boxes. Does a smart woman fit into the kind of box society puts a dating woman in? I can’t really believe that there are stories about smart women not being able to date. It implies that the successful daters aren’t smart, and also that men don’t appreciate women for their minds!

In my experience, if there are guys out there who are intimidated by a woman having a brain, those are the guys who would be intimidated that she also has an opinion or goals and dreams of her own. I.e not the type of guys you want to date anyway. I’d be surprised if they ever find a girlfriend with that mindset, but stranger things have happened!

Smart women can do anything 

Contrary to popular belief and recent news articles, women can do it all. They can date. Break up. Be unfaithful. Be straight or gay. Enjoy the single life or be happily monogamous. And the more the media treats us like we’re some kind of rarity who bobbles along through life finding it impossible to relate to other human beings, the easier it is to put us into boxes.

I used to feel as though I didn’t fit in the boxes I was supposed to, and I’m sure a lot of us feel the same way. When you’re interested in playing with cars and PlayStation games as a child, then enjoy finding out how things work as an adult, and enjoy makeup too, it sometimes feels like you don’t know where you fit. All these stories just don’t sit right with me, they seem to be telling women not to date if they consider themselves smart.

What do you think about these stories?


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Beth Macdonald

Managing Editor

I'm the Managing Editor of CGD. I'm a graduate of the Penguin Writer's Academy and have published a short story with Penguin. I am also a self-development junkie who loves routines and setting goals.