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Women Reveal The Worst Things They’ve Been Asked In Job Interviews

The employment law firm Thomas Mansfield created a photo series that asked university graduates to reveal the strangest and most offensive questions they’ve been asked during a job interview. Unfortunately many of the questions these women were asked do not reflect the degree they earned or the hard work they’re willing to put into the job.


Image via We Heart It

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) most of the women who responded to this series showed that the worst questions they’ve been asked aren’t what we expected.

The level of sexism is disappointing, and most of the questions are completely irrelevant.

It goes to show that there are some places that still judge you based on gender alone and will ask you awkward questions about your body in order to determine if you’re the right fit for the company.


Photo by Thomas Mansfield


Photo by Thomas Mansfield

A lawyer from the firm, Julie Goodway, told The Independent “Unfortunately the experience of those surveyed are not one-offs. We are often asked how interviewees should respond to questions like these.”


Photo by Thomas Mansfield


Photo by Thomas Mansfield

It’s awful that the worst questions women have been asked are mostly to do with their gender, sexuality and body! How would you respond to questions like these?

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  1. Elaine says

    “What do you think about dating someone in the office?” … I wouldn’t be able to resist answering “I’d prefer to go to a restaurant.” xx

    • Cheryl says

      haha, that made me laugh so much!

    • Jules says

      yes! hahaha I was waiting for something like this.
      I really wonder if guys get asked this questions? I really think I’d just stand up and leave really.

      Jules .-

  2. Cheryl says

    I have been asked very similar things when on training programmes at work. By Global category directors I have been asked if I want children, if I want to get married and whether I am geographically mobile or tied down by my boyfriend. I often find myself so dumbfounded by the questions that I answer them and I feel like I am having to justify myself.

  3. Fran says

    I was once asked about my religious beliefs, after that one when I was asked how many more children I wanted I wasn’t surprised at all. They also asked political questions… I got the job and it was a great place to work, but that was the weirdest interview I ever had. It’s illegal in my country, but if you do something about it you won’t get the job, and might be catalogued as “conflictive”.

  4. Toni's Adventures says

    I once got asked how old I was because I looked baby making age… I was 19. I found it all rude and turned the job down.

    average adventures

    • Beth says

      That is so awful!!! I can’t believe this sort of thing still happens!

  5. Dawn says

    Taken from this post on May 29th, 2015

    I now see what another commenter meant about you guys posting things that are taken from other sites that aren’t even yours & not even crediting the original post (unless it’s from buzzfeed).

    • Beth says

      Hi Dawn!
      Thanks for your comments, CGD has decided to do trending articles that are inspiring and are talking points for young career motivated women, as such a variety of these articles will come from different news outlets. The original article in this case was from The Independent, which both CGD and Hello Giggles have referenced. :) Hope this helps to clear up the confusion.
      Beth x

  6. Dominique Simpson says

    I got asked about 14 years ago if I was planning on having babies anytime soon. The boss was hideous and I left after 2 years as I nearly had a breakdown. I think these type of questions are a good measure as to what the people asking them would be like to work for as a woman.

  7. Abi Hanney says

    It’s so disturbing that people ask these type of questions. These really aren’t relevant!

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