4 Super Successful and Influential Women Who Made It Before Their 30s

We all love reading other peoples success stories, in fact, it could be the best way to give you a little extra Monday Motivation. So what better motivation is there than finding someone who has been there and done that? Simple. Finding some who has “been there, done that”, worked their way to the pinnacle of their profession, and done it ALL in record time.

In case your coffee is not quite strong enough this morning, CGD have put together a list of the most influential women all under 30 to really give you the kick you need to head into the office for a super productive day.

#1 – Michelle Phan (27) Founder of Ipsy

When Michelle was 15, she started her own blog where she fantasized about what she wished her life would look like, which consisted of lots of money and plenty of time to get pretty with all the fashion clothes and beauty products she would have.

In 2007, a ‘How to..’ YouTube video of her went viral, which led to more and more Internet popularity. In 2012, Phan started Ipsy, which has now an 120 million in revenues. Apart from that, this inspirational woman has a make-up line with L’Oreal and a deal with Dutch TV giant Endemol.

The story of Michelle shows that dreams do come true if you have a clear vision, work hard and actually go for it.

#2 – Danielle Weisberg (28) & Carly Zakin (28) Cofounders, TheSkimm

They met while they both were studying abroad, and the rest is history. Weisberg and Zakin wanted to educate friends who did not follow the current events.

They became frustrated when they saw the lack of opportunities for themselves in the news business, and tried to figure out a way to make news appealing for the new generation. They quit their jobs and started TheSkimm, which sends out daily newsletters with all the current events.

Four days after they quit their job, TheSkimm was mentioned at the Today Show in America. Nowadays Oprah belongs to one of the subscribers, Sarah Jessica Parker is a frequent reader and they raised approximately 6.25 million dollars in the past year.

#3 – Blakely Engel (29) Vice President, Bank of America

With the shocking age of just 29(!), this lady managed to work herself all the way to the top of the Bank of America. She graduated from Georgia’s Terry School of Business and started her career at the Bank of America when she was 22. With nearly 8 years experience, she is nowadays in charge of loan portfolios that are worth 1 billion or more.

#4 – Emma Carmichael (26) Editor-in-Chief Jezebel 

I have to admit, when I saw her age and read her story, I was kind of intimated. Two more years and I will be her age, and not even half as successful as she is!

She is the third Editor-in-Chief of Jezebel and is therefore known as one of the most influential women on the Internet. Before becoming one of the top editors at Jezebel, Carmichael was managing editor at Deadspin and Gawker. She has always been a busy lady, and with her top position at 26, she definitely belongs to CGD list of motivational and inspiring women.




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Credit: Forbes 




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