Why The Women’s March Is An Inspiring Reminder For All Of Us


We’ve all been talking about the Women’s March in our office, yesterday it came to London, bringing it just that little bit closer to home. Thousands of women came together collectively to campaign for gender equality. After all the debates that have been raised recently, from presidential comments to Hollywood stars, and your thoughts and views on equal pay really got us talking. The thousands that showed up from all around the world, who braved the rain and the sleet to have their voices heard speaks volumes.

Sunday marked one year since millions of women marched across seven continents. And in London yesterday thousands of campaigners were visible across the road from Downing Street and continuing all the way down the road past the dedicated women’s World War II Memorial. The march was organized by Women’s March London, who only last year, shut down the whole of Central London, showing that the collective power of women is a force to be reckoned with.


“A year ago, everyone told us this was a flash in the pan. They said women will march and then they’ll go home and nothing will change. That’s the point. Everything has to change because #MeToo isn’t just some hashtag, it’s saying we’re not going to cope anymore, we’re going to change the rules.”

– MP Stella Creasy for The Guardian


This year there was an extra topic to campaign for; the Time’s Up rally, which was organized as support for the many women in Hollywood speaking up about the sexual harassment they have faced against some big-name stars like Harvey Weinstein, James Franco, and Ben Affleck. A fund is being set up for women in Britain, who have had the same experiences, which will help them afford the legal costs to no longer feel like they have to live in silence.

‘We want justice, not revenge’


The march included speeches from women’s rights activist Helen Pankhurst, which is the daughter of the famous campaigner; Emmeline Pankhurst. Inspiring women to no longer feel powerless – that they are not alone. You have an army of women behind you and we’re not going anywhere.

‘Together, stronger’


So many people came out in such horrible weather to support a cause so close to their hearts to just say enough is enough. In the crowds there many men who showed the women they were behind them too. Even a group of 13-14-year-olds came out and showed us all that this issue reaches all ages and all people. Those young girls came to represent those women and girls to stand together, stronger.

It’s a reminder to all of us to stand together with our fellow women. To be strong when we are victimized. And to work hard to get what we want. We felt so inspired when we saw these photos. Here are some to share that lovely warm feeling with you throughout the day…

Here are our favorite photos from the march:


  1. THANK YOU! I was inspired by your words. “It’s a reminder for us to stand together. To support each other. To stop being victimised and to work hard for what we want.”


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