How To Work Effectively When You’re Too Busy To Stay In One Place

Career Girls are far too busy to stay in one place but when the workload gets heavy and you need to keep moving it can be hard to concentrate and get things done. Transitioning from a busy office desk to changing environments every day can be challenging especially when there is a Starbucks on every street corner. But learning a few nifty tips and tricks can work wonders for working effectively whilst on the go.

Invest in a diary and use it!

Don’t buy one just with the intention of it sitting pretty on your desk while the pages gather dust, you need to learn how to use a notebook like a pro because once you do it will change your life! Keep it updated with important meetings, addresses, numbers and connections so you have all the important information you need in one safe place.

Keep your devices at hand

Keeping phones and laptops fully charged is vital for working while on the move, not having your charger to hand is never a good thing especially when your whole life is stored away on your laptop. Invest in a good USB stick and make sure you have a safe place to store important documents and files, it’s always a good idea to back up your work as unfortunately technology isn’t always the most reliable.

Access to WiFi

Make sure you have access to reliable and effective WiFi as nothing is more annoying than a slow connection, especially when you want to watch some cats on YouTube. Most places have free internet access but if not then maybe source out some quiet places to work which do have internet access so you can plan your day ahead.

Be disciplined

When you’re working on the move and there is a distraction on every street corner it can be very tempting to lose track and get carried away. If you have a busy day planned then maybe schedule in some time to allow yourself to switch off and make sure you stick to it to avoid any unnecessary time wasting. Plan a route and don’t allow yourself to step off track, it can be exciting to feel like you have no restrictions, but realistically you need to be your own boss and discipline yourself.

Stick to a Schedule

Not having a 9-5 office space to use can mean that you may work a little differently, especially if don’t have any time commitments. When you wake up write down a simple step by step plan so you have a clear structure for the day, this means you will get lots more done and you can check it off as you go, which is always a good feeling!

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Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Stella Maria Baer

  • Hannah Lucy

    Great tips, scheduling is so important and an utter lifesaver!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • itsnatt

    Really helpful tips! Keeping up with a calendar or diary is so important if you want to stay organised!

    Have a nice day x

  • Karate and Caviar

    Very helpful! I am travelling right now for a few months and those tips are great. In addition to that I also find it helpful to get up bit earlier than your travel partner, have a coffee and get an hour done on your laptop.
    The wifi is really one of the most important parts – I have just been to Cuba and there is just no good wifi at all. You really realise how dependent we are on internet access these days ;)

    Nadine | Karate and Caviar

  • Camille Beygui

    Very helpful


  • Grace

    I absolutely swear by planners and diaries! Even though there are so many great apps and websites around, I definitely prefer seeing everything written down on paper.

    A Millennial Student

  • Bonds John

    A great helpful post.Nice tips of working effectively and efficiently too.

  • Peter Cabrera

    Wow really great tips you shared with us.I am going to practice them.

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