How The Most Successful People In The World Work From Home


If you need some work from home tips, where better to look than social media. We’re all in the same boat at the moment so sharing tips is easier than ever before. What’s important is to maintain structure, try new things and take time for yourself. Since we’re all in the same boat, it’s a good idea to look at how successful women are spending their time inside.

The fact is, we’ve all stripped back to basics and it’s really interesting and inspiring to see how other people are managing their time and staying safe. So, take a look at how these women are structuring their days and get inspired to start something new.

1. Develop a new structure


While Victoria Beckham’s normal day-to-day looks absolutely nothing like her life now she’s at home all the time, the first thing she did was create a new daily structure for herself, including time to workout, time to help her kids with schoolwork, and time for her own work. Her work from home tips would be to structure your life and work with what you have.

To make things easier, the kids are trying their hand at cooking and rotating what happens during the day. Victoria shared a snap of Romeo and Cruz cooking a delicious dinner for the family, showing how they’re all pulling together to support each other during this time.

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2. Stay positive and stay connected


Anine Bing has shared her working from home life openly on Instagram, starting with her working from home outfits (she still dresses sharp even if she’s working from home) and ending with the giant glass of wine she’s drinking at the end of the day.

To stay positive, she spends time with her daughter and engages with the Instagram community, using her Instagram followers to stay social, find out about causes she can support and get tips and tricks on how to stay positive, stay structured, and have fun. She’s also taken on a push-up challenge, showing that now is the perfect time to get up and get fit and healthy.

3. Keep having fun 


Fun is more important than ever now, and Huda Kattan sure knows that. She’s taking to Instagram to show not only how she’s working from home and staying structured, but how she’s having fun with it. Huda has had to push the launch of many of her products due to the current circumstances, but she’s taking the time to put on her favorite dress (even in the house), work as hard as she can, and film a few hilarious videos doing impressions to stay positive and share the smile with her followers.

Try downloading Houseparty and playing a game with your nearest and dearest to boost endorphins and end your workday on a high. Creating a work/life balance is important when you work from home, so keep work to one room only, and ensure to shut your laptop often.

4. Schedule in some self-care 


Maria Hatzistefanis and Alex Steinherr are leading the way when it comes to self-care after-work rituals. From self-tan to under-eye patches, it’s not just about maintaining your beauty routine, it’s about making yourself feel good. How you take care of yourself when. you’re working from home will make a huge difference to how you approach every single day.

In fact, Alex shares videos of her skincare routine and more on her Instagram for you to follow along with.


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