5 Easy And Comfortable Ways To Wear Heels To Work



Wearing heels to work can be a recipe for disaster and many of us can’t wait for the moment when we get home from work, kick them off and put our feet up for the rest of the night. We’ve all been there! But, with so many styles out there this is no longer the case so, there are no excuses when it comes to wearing heels to work.
We’re not saying you have to go to extreme lengths like Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, enduring the pain of wearing freshly bought Louboutins even when they’re pregnant. High heels, can be a girl’s best friend – helping you stand up taller, can give the illusion of slimmer looking legs, and the secret key to confidence. So we’ve rounded up fifteen of the most comfortable, yet stylish heels that make wearing heels to work bearable:


Rock the block


Ok, so they’re not exactly stilettos but a thick block heel is a great way to look chic whilst getting the support your ankles need to get through your day. Mid-heel styles are selling quicker than hot-cakes so don’t miss out on the trend.




Gucci Fringed Suede Pumps $750 available here






Boohoo Vamp Block Heeled Shoe $39 available here





Pointed Mid-Heel Court Shoes $46 available here




The sock to my boot


This trend is all over social media and for good reason. Even the mention of ‘sock’ makes us want to delve our feet straight into these stylish, yet comfortable heels. This clever shoe invention gives the ultra-flattering illusion of super slim ankles due to their stretchy hugging effect. The comfort and support of the sock make the shoe actually walkable. Now you know why we’re so obsessed!




Stradivarius Stiletto Sock Boot $53 available here





Contrasting Sock-Style High Heel Ankle Boots $69 available here





Mojito Sock Boots $95 available here




Drop the heel


Everyone knows the higher the heel, the more difficult to walk in. Think two to three inches instead of five to six – sound good? If you’re still desperate to rock a stiletto but are worried your feet will suffer, this is the heel height for you oh, and don’t be put off by ‘kitten heels’ they’re totally in.




Gianvito Rossi 85 Satin Pumps $337 available here





ASOS STRIKE Mid Heels $16 available here





Jamelia Zip Back Mid Heeled Shoe Boots $110 available here





Stack them up


A badly structured heel is a definite recipe for disaster, leading to wobbling, tripping over and unnecessary stress on your ankles. The stacked solution is well constructed and adds a little edge to your outfit. These heels are usually wooden, which gives you the confidence that they’re not ready to snap and you won’t be breaking your ankle.



Gucci Embellished Leather Pumps $1,150 available here





Andorra Genuine Calf Hair Pump $90 available here





MERCEDES CASTILLO Abia Mule $375 available here




Free the toe


Lastly, one of the most painful experiences when wearing heels is often when your toes are squeezed to the very tip of the shoe. A good solution to beat this problem is the open- toe shoe which has more than enough room to give your poor toes room to breathe and move around.




 ASOS TAKOTA Leather Heeled Sandals $87 available here





Steve Madden Friday Sandal $90 available here





Ankle-Cuff Sandals $60 available here





Did you know your employer can force you to wear heels to work? What do you think about that?



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