Work-out for Career Girls: How to effectively train your back

Thursday = gym-day, so being healthy is the motto! From eating to exercising, taking care of the body is a responsibility we all must take. At the CGD office we love to exchange healthy recipes, work-out routines and good exercising video’s that keep us motivated to eat healthy and go to the gym.

The back is probably one of the most ‘forgotten’ body parts to train. Whenever I am at the gym, I schedule time for all my body parts and always forget my back.

Although you use almost every part of your body with cardio as well, focussing on just one body part can help you reach the goals you might have and could therefor be more effectively than only doing cardio.

I used the below work-out video when I did not feel like going ‘all the way’ to the gym and loved it ever since. It is intense but fun and a good way to spend your Thursday-night. So push the couch aside, your work-out clothes on and enjoy an active Thursday night in with Kelsey Lee from XHIT!

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