Work That Booty! 5 Apps For An Amazing Butt Workout


After all those chocolate easter bunnies, a lot of easter eggs and that amazing family brunch, it is time to work that booty and do an amazing butt workout.

The Career Girl Daily team loves to workout with apps that give you guidance and help you work towards your goal. In times when your personal trainer is not around, these amazing apps will be your virtual trainer and make you focus on your goals with a personal plan.


These 5 free workout apps will help you focus on your butt, get/keep you in shape and make you more than ready for Summer.

5 Apps For An Amazing Butt Workout

#1 – Daily Butt Workout

Your own personal trainer whenever, wherever you are. This daily routine trainings app will help you to train for the butt you always wanted in an effective and quick way. Track your progress and do these easy-to-get exercises from your own living room.

More info: Apple & Android

#2 – 30-day Butt Lift Workout

The perfect app that you need when you want to tone your inner tights and butt. 10 minutes a day for 30 days and your well and truly on your  to that perfect Brazilian butt. These workouts are for in the gym or at home.

 More info: Apple & Android

#3 – Fitvideo – Butt and Tights

The app for a good workout at home. This app has amazing tutorials that focus on your leggs and butt. It also allows you to chat with other fit girls, share thoughts, ideas and give advice.

#4 – Butt Workout

This app is perfect when you want to have a good, quick and effective workout without any equipment. They promise that this is the only app you need to get in shape and the butt you always wanted.

More info: Apple & Android

#5 -Brazilian Butt

This apps promises wonders, an eye-catching amazing Brazilian butt in less than 2 weeks. The exersizes are fun and enjoyable, and we can not wait to see the result in 2 weeks time.

More info: Apple & Android

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