WOW! Fantasizing About Food Can Actually Make You Gain Weight!

Do you also fantasize and dream about food 75% of your day? The chocolate you are craving, the burger that you will be having for dinner tonight, or that huge breakfast you will have in the morning? Apparently all this dreaming and fantasizing about bad food can become an unhealthy nightmare.

Młodość Chudość Zajebistość

Research done by Yale University School of Medicine shows that: the stronger someone can imagine the sights and smells of food, the higher the body mass index (BMI) is . The researchers came up with this research because obese people seem to crave more food than people with a healthy weight. Now, it is scientifically proven that people with an unhealthy lifestyle and weight have a better imagination and fantasy when it comes to food . So if you want to eat healthier and crave less bad food, you literally will have to change your mindset!

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Credit: DailyMail

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