How To Write The Best Resume Of Your Life


No pressure but a resume can make or break your chances of scoring that dream job. It can be hard to stand out from everyone else putting their best foot (in this case, feet) forward but luckily, you have one asset that you can use to your potential: yourself. Here’s how to use your personality to write a resume that will land you the job you want.

Get Inspired

Take a break from pinning Fall Fashion ideas on Pinterest and look out for creative resume ideas that will inspire you. If you’re a whiz at Adobe Illustrator or other editing tools, use them. If you’re looking to really stand out, consider shooting a video resume(take your cue from Elle Wood’s video application to Harvard) or learn from this guy* who recently landed his dream internship. Unless you’re aiming for a super corporate role, most companies these days appreciate Resumes that are creative and have a personal touch. Play around with designs and typography, but keep in mind that your resume should be readable.

Brand yourself

If you have a brand name for yourself, use it. You may need to take some time to do some soul searching and to figure out your career goals and your personal style, but the result is worth it when potential employers see that you have a clear direction and the confidence to match it. If you’re active on social media and curate great content online, provide the links in your resume. If you have a portfolio, include the link to your website or print hard copies of your best work.

Showcase your interests

Have you volunteered for an animal shelter? Are you a star party planner or an ace basketballer? Add these additional skills and interests to your resume to keep it interesting. Potential employers are looking for all-rounded individual with passions and goals and would most likely take interest in you if you’ve had volunteering experience or a skill (like playing the piano or painting) that’s different from the job.  

Keep it short and sweet

Lastly, you may be tempted to throw your entire work history into your resume but a rule of thumb would be to provide details of previous work experiences that’s relevant to the job that you’re applying for. This can be a little tricky but note these three pointers when adding in your work experience: highlight skills that will best suit the job, eliminate irrelevant or unnecessary information and write your resume in a clear and concise manner.

Written by Carissa Morais

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Featured photo: StyleShiver