How To Write The Best Networking Email Of Your Life

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We often talk about networking here at CGD, it’s a scary prospect walking into a room and addressing a group of strangers and professionals, but it’s not as scary as it seems. With the invention of the internet, networking isn’t as difficult as it seems and now you can connect with people by shooting off an email.

Watch your email etiquette – here’s how to write the best networking email of your life!


Find their email address and do some research into the things they’re interested in, if they’re the contact for a brand you want to connect with, find out what other collaborations they’ve done or what things they’re interested in. A little bit of research goes a long way – they might never respond to networking emails and have a manager who deals with them directly.



Level up your social media skills and put your name out there. If you want to network with specific people, make sure they notice you by getting your name out there – follow them on Twitter, (don’t stalk) but subtly put yourself out there.



Your email writing skills need a bit of an overhaul, skip the generic introduction and try a more personalized approach. Start by complimenting some work they’ve done, instead of “Hello, my name is X and I do Y”, go for “I really enjoyed reading [something you wrote]” or “I remember reading that you are passionate about [values].” This opens up the conversation and allows you to pitch yourself.



Make your ask as small as possible, and be sure it adds value to them. Don’t send a long email that asks them for plenty of things or you’ll be unlikely to receive a response. A short email with added value and clear asks works best!



If they agree, make sure you thank them and hold up your end of the bargain, if they don’t respond a very short (polite) follow up email is fine. Just summarize your points and sign off kindly. The accepted amount of follow up emails is two, beyond that you kind of have to sit tight.

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