What My Yoga Abilities Taught Me About My Personality


We all know the benefits of working out regularly! Better body, better mood, and a longer, healthier life. But there’s another thing I love about working out . . . it teaches you so much about yourself!

If – like me – you’re a yogi girl, you may know there are two main physical focuses in your practice; stability and flexibility. Some people are more flexible, some are more stable. Some have both, some none. That’s all good because in yoga you’re training all of them, with respect to your own limitations.

I’m super flexible, but not so stable; I can touch my knees with my nose, but standing on one foot for half a minute is a serious (and frustrating!) challenge for me. So I thought about what this could say about my character. Maybe I’m just very flexible as a person, but not so stable?

That’s true. I’m very patient, and get along easily with most people, but if someone says something that catches me off guard, I can really get upset. And I found out the same about my girlfriends. You have the stable – can’t mess with, always calm, Hakuna Matata girls – and the flexible ones, who can fix anything, like everyone and eat everything etc.

The good thing is; if you’re working on one of those aspects in your physical practice, I feel like the same work gets done mentally. By working on your body, you can balance out your character too. When I’m doing more yoga, I feel so much more stable.

And I’ve asked my yogi friends about this philosophy . . . and they agree! Maybe you’re a runner or a kickboxing career girl. Do you feel like while you’re working out there are other things you’re working on too?


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