The Yoga Routine That Will Keep You Healthy This Fall

photo: Free People

With roots thousands of years old, yoga is far from the latest exercise trend. Yet with its stress-busting properties and ability to cultivate mindfulness (not to mention killer abs) yoga continues to be one of the most popular activities for modern career girls everywhere. Try this yoga routine to help you reconnect, refocus and refresh your mind and body anytime of the day.

This seventeen-minute yoga routine is perfect for any time of the day, it’s a great way to clear your mind, get the blood flowing and get in shape. Not only that, it helps to wake you up so you’re ready to tackle the day. This video will talk you through various poses such as Ragdoll, Half-Lift, Downward Facing Dog, Eagle and more.

Morning yoga is really the best thing you can do, so we’ll be doing this before rocking out of the house to work. It energizes you, refreshes you and will really get you in the mood to work! We’re trying this routine to warm us up in the cold mornings, let us know if you’re up for morning yoga too!


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