8 YouTube Channels That Will Actually Make You Smarter


Looking for YouTube channels to make you smarter? Of course, you are, you’re looking for new cool things to watch that will educate you. There’s a reason to sit in front of the screen if you’re learning something new. 

From science to Human Rights, YouTube is full of information. We’ve put a list together so you can chill and learn something new tonight.

1. Minute Physics 

This Channel explains scientific concepts in the simplest way possible. Like the name says, in just a couple of minutes you learn about basic physics and will understand the most amazing facts!

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2. CGP Grey

CGP Grey discusses almost every fact or myth you want to know about. With cool graphics and a soothing voice, you will learn about the most complex subject in an interesting way.

3. Smarter Every Day

Join Destin of Smarter Every Day on a quest to learn something new every single day, from going supersonic in a plane to stopping the spread of misinformation.

4. Google Talks

All the famous visitors who come to the Google headquarters to give a presentation on a specific subject, all recorded and on this Channel for you to watch.


Human Rights explored all over the world, with the stories of people who experience injustice and violations of their rights. Get insight into what is happening in the world and what needs to happen to ensure people’s rights are not violated.

6. List25

Our absolute favorite! List25 gives you answers to the most random and relevant questions you always wanted to know. From ”The 25 etiquette rules you need to know when you go traveling” to ”25 things you never knew your microwave could do”. A superfun and educative YouTube Channel that is definitely worth a visit.

7. TED Talks

Everyone loves the TED Talks! This Channel gives the most awesome speakers from all around the world a stage to share their ideas, thoughts, theories, passions, and research. So it is basically ”awesome people giving motivational speeches to promote the ‘we can do this!’ attitude!”

8. Veritasium

A wonderful Channel that explains the world of theoretical physics and hard science in an understandable way.



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