Question Of The Day: Is there Such A Thing As Bad Publicity


Would it be your worst nightmare to be caught up in a scandal? 

Whilst, rising to fame and being one of the biggest influencers around is something we all envy, but are we really aware of the dangers that can come with it?

One comment can change how your audience perceives you forever. One tiny thing can make the world and your followers go against you, but in reality, it only boosts their influence and their following.

So, we ask, is there such a thing as bad publicity? And do we actually LEARN from these scandals?


Logan Paul

So, the famous vlogger Logan Paul has seen his life go upside down after posting a video that sent people into an outrage across the globe. On a trip to Japan, Logan had posted a video of a man hanging in the Suicide Forest and could be heard yelling ‘yo bro, are you alive.’ 

According to Forbes, last year Logan had earned $12.5 million. But after the video’s release, he has had a lot of his sponsorship deals taken away from him, especially with partnerships with the likes of Disney.

And whilst this has may hurt his brand partnerships, for now, has it really hurt his influence and his following?

Views on his video channel keep climbing and his follower count keeps going up. And whilst his mistake may not have been a stunt, it’s certainly gathered him a lot of attention.

What do you think? Is it ok for people to witch-hunt him? 





If you don’t know about this scandal, then where have you been?

The internet went crazy over this one just before Christmas when Zoella had launched her advent calendar. And boy did we have a lot to say about it! But was it just people being jealous?

The argument is that Zoella had produced an advent calendar that included contents like confetti, baubles, stickers and you actually only get three of her own products! The issue was that the calendar was originally charged at £50, and people felt like it was very overpriced and that they were being overcharged!

But that has not stopped the thousands of girls who rush to buy her products. Is she making money from this ‘bad press’?



Elle Darby

This one shocked me. This famous blogger was called out and shamed by a hotel because she asked for a free hotel.

Elle wrote, “I would love to feature you on my Youtube videos/dedicated Instagram stories/posts to bring traffic to your hotel and recommend others to book up in return for free accommodation.”

And if you don’t know anything about the blogging world, influencers tend to get a lot of things for free, this is because of their influence as they give big brands a lot of publicity.

But this hotel was not having any of it. And it had lead to a lot of us shaming her in return.

However, is this not good publicity for the hotel, and not so much for her? Who do you think was in the right?





Marina Joyce

Let’s face it, there was something weird going on with Marina Joyce – and we were all hooked on it.

She posted a video called DATE OUTFIT IDEAS, where she was acting very strangely, and some fans swear they noticed her whisper ‘help me’ at some point. Her behavior was far from the normal and this drove fans into major speculation!

The issue had gone so wild that police were even called to her house, and one of the rumors even included that she had been kidnapped by ISIS.

Marina has since come out saying she suffers from depression. But her fans still speculate asking her why there are a lot of bruises on her body, and if she is ok then why does she tweet her fans asking for help?

But this had gained her a lot of attention, making her video views go through the roof. Which makes us think was this a stunt? What do you think?


Q. Do you follow these guys on social media? Do you think what they did was wrong? 



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