How Zanna Van Dijk Turned Her Blog Into A Dream Career


Highly praised by The Sunday Times, Women’s Health and Women’s Fitness, it’s impossible to deny what a fabulous role model Zanna Van Dijk stands as. A fitness blogger/vlogger with over 90k followers and a line of successful brands desperate to work with her, it’s hard to believe that such a warm and humble girl is behind it all.

Graduating from the University of Sheffield with a first class degree in speech therapy under her belt, it’s no surprise that Zanna is the first to describe her wonderful journey as ‘unexpected’. Life as a fitness blogger was definitely not something that was always on the cards, but standing as a true inspiration to every career girl, Zanna is the perfect example of how amazing an unforeseen change can be.

Still sound pretty daunting?

Luckily Zanna is the first to admit it is, telling us that she ‘took a huge risk, but definitely think[s] it was worth it’, and we would have to agree if her dreamy Instagram life is anything to judge on.

Starting a blog as a hobby to fulfil her passion, there was no guessing that it would lead to working with brands including Nike and Nutri-bullet, hosting Adidas boot camps and a whole lot of fierce modelling shoots. Read our article about becoming a super successful blogger here if you want to know the steps to take to make it.

And if that wasn’t enough, she’s about to take the fashion world by storm, launching her own clothing collection (as if she didn’t’ already provide us with enough motivation to workout).

Well to describe what it’s like in Zanna’s own words… it’s ‘crazy, exiting and scary’ and like most things ‘you never know what will happen next’ (sounds ideal!).

So what can we learn from someone who stands as such a wonderful inspiration?

“My top tip to aspiring girls would be to think practically. Blogging is not an easy job and it took me years of doing it alongside a degree for me to build up enough of a following to even start making small amounts of income. Don’t start a blog with the intention of it becoming your job, start it as a hobby and passion. If it takes off then it takes off, if it doesn’t then you still have a hobby you love!”

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  • Elise

    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading Zanna’s story. I run a blog, and it’s true – you’ve got to do it for the passion of it, but of course if you work hard and are strategic then you can earn an income. Thanks for sharing this story. X

  • Yasmin

    Wow, it’s amazing what she reached in her young age. She can be very proud of herself!

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post

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